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Our Story

There is a Brazilian saying that goes something like “you make lemonade out of the lemon.” The translation of this saying means that, regardless of the circumstances, one has to make the best out of any situation. In a nutshell, Ipanema Boutique’s founders, Bruna and Rafael, have applied this saying to their lives and the start of their company followed shortly thereafter.

Both of Brazilian heritage, they met when Rafael was visiting Brazil in 2012, and it didn’t take long (or much) to realize they were meant for each other. Their young marriage was soon put to the ultimate test, and consequently, they were forced to live away from each other for almost one full year (Rafael in the U.S. and Bruna in Brazil). Instead of being victims of the situation, they decided to “make the lemonade.” With their natural entrepreneurial mindset, along with their combined years of experience in marketing, customer service, operations, and web it made sense for them to create a company that connected both U.S. and Brazil.

Because Brazil has a wealth of natural resources, they both wanted to share this richness and beauty with the rest of the world. With gemstones being at the core, Ipanema Boutique provides handmade Brazilian products that are uniquely crafted and that have their own distinct meaning. They believe that no product should ever be created the same, and just like us, each has their own personality, characteristic and beauty. For these reasons, Ipanema Boutique hopes that you will enjoy and appreciate its products as well as understand the meaning of each. After all, these products should be as unique as you are.

Ipanema Boutique’s most important assets are their customers and it would love for you to become part of the journey. Please share your experience with the products via its social media channels, or send any questions and feedback you may have.

May we all be able to “make lemonades” out of our lives, each and every day…

Our team

We are a small, but mighty team of entrepreneur minded individuals.  As we continue to expand our product lines and services, we’ll surely be growing our team.


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